Do you want to GET REAL strong? Do you want to see REAL body composition changes? Do you want to GET REAL fast? Do you want to GET REAL healthy?

Whatever you REALly want...the key is REAL nutrition.  There is no greater factor in all your health and fitness goals than good nutrition.  On January 31st we're launching our second nutrition challenge...GET REAL.  It's time to kick all the processed unhealthiful foods to the curb and embrace the goodness of high quality whole foods.

Join us on Sunday January 30th at 11am for the Big Get Real Kick Off hosted by the lovely Summer (Cosmopolitan Primal Girl) of Haute Life.

Full details to be posted on the site tomorrow.  Get ready to GET REAL kids and see REAL results!

Weekly Warm-up Mobility: Lacrosse ball to Quads (just above knee) – 1-2mins/side Couch Stretch – 1-2mins/side

2 Rounds:

  • 15 Poliquin OR Low Box Step-ups (controlled tempo)
  • 12 Wall Slides (2-3sec hols at bottom)
  • 10 Shoulder Pass Throughs
  • 10 Overhead Squats with empty bar
  • Part 1:

    NEW Q’s: A1. Press 4 x 5 – rest 90sec A2. Chin Ups 4 x 4 Negatives OR 4 x 4-8 Chin Ups – rest 90sec

    VETERAN Q’s: A1. Push Press 5 x 2 – rest 60sec A2. L-Pull Ups 5 x 3 [40x0] - rest 90sec

    Part 2: For 5mins:

    • 4 Heavy Dumbbell Thrusters on the 30sec mark


    Max Reps in 8mins of:

    • Turkish Get-ups (alternating sides)