well kids...2010 is coming to a close.  the new year always seems to be a mix of happy and sad.  it's always exciting to feel like you are at the beginning of a fresh start...clean slate.  but sometimes we spend a lot of time focusing on the things we didn't do...the resolutions we didn't keep.

this year, let's all let go of the resolutions.  let's forge forward grasping opportunity and not dwelling on what we didn't do. goals are awesome..and heck yes you should have them.  but instead of constantly looking at the end, take the time to relish in the journey.

chris cooper of catalyst fitness has a great idea.  for 2011, forget the resolutions and instead live by your own personal 10 commandments.  these are your "personal 10" to live by...and reaching your goals are the by-products of LIVING them.

my first and foremost "personal 10" is be awesome EVERY day. whatever awesome is that day...i am going to be it!

say goodbye to 2010...hold tight to all the awesomeness it held, and let go of everything that was short of awesome.  REALLY let it go!

from peter, tyler, leah and i...the HAPPIEST of new years to you all.  we can't wait to see the awesome'est YOU in 2011!

Part 1:

NEW Q's:

A1. Press 3 x 5 sets across - rest 60sec  *add 1-5lbs more than last time A2. Pull-ups 3 x max - rest 30sec A3. Poliquin Step-ups 3 x 20-25/side - rest 2mins


A1. Press 4 x 8-10 - rest 10sec A2. Max Kipping Pull-ups/Chest to Bar - rest 30sec A3. Low Box Step-up 3 x 12-15/side - rest 90sec

Part 2:

8 Minutes of:

  • 5 Thrusters every 30sec