Looking to Step it Up?  Do you have Specific Athletic Goals You Want to Achieve?

Participating solely in our group CrossFit classes at CF Quantum will take you far – further than any other group training program.

However, it must also be acknowledged that your kindergarten teacher was right - you are a special and unique snowflake. Everyone responds to training differently, has different needs, and different goals. For optimum performance, an individual exercise prescription is absolutely necessary. This allows your coach to control all the training variables and to focus in on your specific weaknesses and needs, for you to achieve the best results possible.

For those who want to take their game to a higher level, seriously consider exploring the merits of an individualized program prescription.

Benefits of CFQ Individualized Program Design:

*thorough movement and mobility assessment *assessment of nutrition profile and guidelines *discussion of current goals and mapping timelines for success *body composition testing *individualized exercise program based on assessment. No one-size fits all template. *online training log shared with coach *training program is reassessed and updated as often as necessary to ensure proper progress *regular re-testing, progress measurement and ongoing assessment *full access to group CrossFit classes for the community participation and fun

Fees: $75/month in addition to regular training dues. Commitment: Initial commitment of 3 months is required.

Don’t buy the T-shirt...just train smarter.


Weekly Warm-up:

5 mins Free Style Rolling

2 rounds of: 1 lap Bear Crawl 20-30 Jumping Jacks 10-15 Scapular Push-ups 10 Lateral Split Squats/side at controlled tempo


Part 1 A1. Barbell Press 4 x 10-12 [3011], rest 60 sec A2. Strict Chin-up 4 x max reps [3010], rest 60 sec

Part 2: Tabata Intervals

  • 8 intervals of Push-ups, followed immediately by
  • 8 intervals of Double Unders