Hey guys, it's Peter here again, hijacking the daily post!

If you were around last week (and if you weren't you'd better have a good reason!), you know we did some testing. One of the things we examined was the structural balance of your shoulder. The shoulder has lots of small stabilizing muscles and several big muscles that do all the work. If the relative strength of these different muscles are optimal you are said to have achieved good structural balance. And who doesn't want good balance right!?

Sadly though, all too often, the small stabilizing muscles are too weak - a fact confirmed by our testing last week! If they are not strong enough relative to the shoulder's prime movers, there are two negative consequences. First, you are increasing your risk of shoulder injury and pain. Second, you could be seriously limiting your performance. Often times strength plateaus can be attributed to weak structural balance. Ummm...we know you all wanna be strong motha's...so let's get on this.

Your Mission Over the next 6 weeks our goal is for everyone to achieve a minimum standard on their 8 repetition max for the trap-3 raise and for the dumbbell external rotation exercise.

For women, we are aiming for 10lbs for both lifts. For men we are aiming for 15lbs on both exercises. These are the minimum standards we're looking for everybody to achieve.

For those of you who are quite strong, you'll want to match your external rotation and trap-3 8RMs to about 14% of your best barbell press. That means if you can press 150lbs, you should be able to perform a trap-3 lift for 8 reps (all at a strict 4010 tempo) with 21lbs.

Help us...help you!

So here's how it's going to go down! Next time you're in the gym you MUST pick up your homework sheet! Next, you will need to find 5-10 minutes, 4 times per week, to work on your homework. Just like back in the day! You can stick around after class or do them at home if you have dumbbells.

So kids, school's in and your about to get learned!  And earn yourself some hella balanced shoulders!

Weekly Warm-up 2 Rounds of:

  • 2-5 Cast Wall Walks
  • 2-5 Skin the Cats
  • 10-15 Wall Squats at slow tempo
  • 15 Wall Arm Slides

Have you Done Your Homework this Week! At some point this week, pair up and find Max GHD Hip Extension Hold – face down on GHD machine. One person times and observes while the other performs the exercise, then you switch roles. The front pad should be lined up with the crease of your hips. Try to hold for 2mins. If you hit 2mins you can shut the test down. The torso is held parallel to the floor. As soon as the torso falls below that line, you get one warning. If it falls a second time, the test is done. Record your time as “Max GHD Hip Extension Hold”. http://www.apunts.org/ficheros/images/278/278v42n155/grande/278v42n155-13112538fig01.jpg

Part 1: A1:  Dumbbell Press 5 x 8-12  – rest 60 secs A2:  Strict Chin Ups 5 x max at strict [3010] tempo - rest 90sec

Part 2 Complete for time:

  • 100 Kettlebell Swings
  • 50 Push-ups
  • 50 Ring Rows

*Partition any way you like *15min cut-off