A few upcoming events and info!

First, don't forget the gym is closed this Saturday, September 18th. Why you ask?!  Well it's because we're heading to the Element CrossFit Team challenge to support Team CFQ (a.k.a. Curls and Tuna Shakes)  George, Mike, Sam, Dyanne, Elanna and Summer are representing CFQ at the challenge and could use some cheerleaders!  Come on out and show your support.

Later that evening we will be hosting our first official CFQ Social on the Loft Rooftop.  A fab chance to come out and meet your fellow members (and see what they look like outside of lulus and sweats!) and enjoy some food and tasty adult beverages.  Location and details are posted on the gym whiteboard, or email sio@crossfitquantum.com.  Taxis and TTC are strongly encouraged!

Anyone missing the fun of Spring Leaning!?  Anyone find a few extra pounds on the patio this summer?  Anyone need some support and motivation to get their diet on track?  Element CrossFit is here for you! The Real Food Challenge starts on Monday and you are all welcome (and encouraged) to join in the 6 week nutrition adventure!  There is a network of strong supportors and regular posts to help you stay on track, and prizes for top achievers! And don't forget our lovely resident guru of Haute Life, Summer, who is happy to add that extra bit of tough love and advise along the way.

Weekly Warm-up: 5 mins Freestyle Rolling or Lacrosse ball

2 Rounds:

  • Bear Crawl (1 length)
  • 4 Turkish Get-ups/side
  • 10 Box Jumps (go big!)

Part 1: A1:  Press 4 x 5 sets across - rest 2.5mins

Part 2: (skill and warm-up for sprints) 2 rounds:

  • 1min double under practice
  • 20s max box jumps

Part 3:

6-8 Rounds of: B1. 50m Sled Sprints. B2. 3 Heavy Turkish Get-ups/side B3. Max Ring Dips* [3011] *If no unassisted ring dips, do 5 controlled negatives.  If no negatives, use band that allows 6-8 dips at prescribed tempo.

*If you missed either the Trap-3 or External Rotation tests this week - please find and record your 8RM