Weekly Warm-up: 5 mins Freestyle Rolling or Lacrosse ball

2 Rounds:

  • Bear Crawl (1 length)
  • 4 Turkish Get-ups/side
  • 10 Box Jumps (go big!)

Part 1: 8 Sets of:

  • 30sec Kettlebell Swings
  • 30sec rest

Immediately followed by...

Part 2: 5 mins of Gymnastic skills - Handstand and Ring Work. Tripod/Frogstand and Handstand Holds/Handstand Push Ups Knee to Elbow/Ring inverts/Skin the Cats/Tucked Lever holds.

Immediately followed by...

Part 3: 8 sets of:

  • 30sec Wall Ball
  • 30sec rest

*Part 1 and 3 - find a sustainable pace and keep numbers consistent across the board.

Part 4:

Test 8RM - Bent over Trap 3 Raise. Strict tempo: [40x0] RECORD RESULTS on board for 8RM and best attempt at a higher weight (i.e. 8RM=10lb, 4reps with 15lb)

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