We've got big news.  Actually HUGE, FANTASTIC, TERRIFIC news!

It's a Girl!!!!  The CrossFit Quantum family is growing.  We are honoured and excited to welcome the smart and sassy, Summer Innanen (aka Cosmopolitan Primal Girl) of Haute Life to the CFQ crew.

Without further ado....

Where do I begin?!  2010 has been (and continues to be) a big year....and not just for me. There have been so many notable events.... Lindsey Lohan going to jail, G20 chaos in Toronto and Oprah announcing her farewell season. 2010 will most definitely be an unforgettable year. I also got to see four friends make their dream a reality with Crossfit Quantum, which I'm so thrilled to be a part of with Haute Life. Before we pop the champagne, let me rewind a bit and give you the E! True Hollywood Story behind Haute Life:

I had a mid-life crisis when I hit 30, as I realized that I was less than 10 years into my working life and still had 30 more years of work ahead of me. I knew that my 9-5 desk job was not going to keep me happy for the next 30 years, so I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do. I looked for signs to lead me in the right direction....I watched Oprah religiously looking for guidance. Joking! In all seriousness, I knew I was passionate about Crossfit and particularly the nutrition side of it. I have experienced the physical and mental benefits of quality fitness and nutrition and I want other people to experience this for themselves. And so the story begins.... I started to engross myself in books, blogs and food – I quickly learned that this was the right path for me and I was about to do a 180 with my career.

I dove into it like I do the sale rack at Lululemon. I have attended 5 different seminars in the past year including: the Crossfit Nutrition Seminar with Robb Wolf and recently his updated Paleolithic Solution Seminar, Matt Lalonde's Nutrition Seminar, Whole9's Foundations Workshop and also their Trainer Workshop. Aside from the learning, I was able to really see the results of my love labour with the CFQ Spring Leaning Challenge.  I can't explain the feeling of helping people learn they have the power to achieve their goals and get the results they had previously thought unattainable!  Every Spring Leaner did so amazing and I'd like to think that I had a small part in their successes. Working with everyone through the challenge was so rewarding and motivating.  I knew this was where I was meant to be!

Hosting the various Paleo Nights for CFQ was also awesome as I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with the fine folks at The Healthy Butcher and really delve deep into where quality food comes from. Paleo Nights were a huge success for me because people actually loved my food.  I suppose that sounds egocentric, but if you ask any of my friends they will tell you that I ate horrible food when I was in University and that I did not know how to cook. That is a little piece of information that I did not share with the CFQ crew before they asked me to host. I suppose my chef-gene didn't express itself until I hit my 30's. Recently I had my first experience selling my goodies at an event - that's something that I might continue to dabble in. And the fun is just getting started...In a week, I'll be back in school at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition to get certified as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

I decided to channel my passion for food, nutrition and off-beat humour into the Cosmopolitan Primal Girl blog – that name just kinda popped into my head one night and I rolled with it. I think people can get really thrown off when they hear the words Primal or Paleo or Caveman – they picture hairy-dudes running around grunting and eating insects - I wanted to show that you could follow "Paleo/Primal" principles but still be urban and cool. I love posting recipes and advice – I suppose it’s the narcissistic side of me that enjoys the attention – it is basically the inner monologue in my brain. But I also wanted to help others realize that they don’t have to eat boring food or be unhappy to achieve their goals. Getting linked on Mark's Daily Apple for the first time was HUGE! Since then, he has generously linked me a few times, in addition to being linked on Robb Wolf's and Whole9's blogs. Cosmopolitan Primal Girl became an overnight Paleo sensation. I joke again. But seriously, I did feel like kind of a big deal.

Outside of Spring Leaning, I've coached a few other clients and it was through these experiences that I decided it was time to launch Haute Life. People come to Crossfit (and specifically Crossfit Quantum) for the trainers - the coaching, motivation and fun atmosphere. I want to channel this same approach to helping clients with Nutrition. I realize that many people know what they need to do to achieve their goals, especially when it comes to weight loss. What people are often lacking is the accountability and motivation to stay on track - that's where I come in. I offer so much more than just a meal plan. Yes, I'll tell you exactly what to eat to achieve your specific goals and you'll get an integrative and customized plan to fit into your life. But more importantly, I'm going to keep you motivated by making the process fun and making sure that the word 'diet' does not cross your mind. I'll meet clients on a weekly basis, but I'll also be there when there is a cupcake-emergency and a kick in the ass is required. I'll be giving clients fun challenges to complete to make sure that they're overcoming some of their biggest obstacles, branching out, and being amused in the process.

Why Haute Life? I think this name may confuse some people – particularly men who don’t own any cashmere or wear pointy Keebler-elf shoes – so I want to set the record straight. In short, “Haute” is an expression used to describe high-quality. It derives from the expression Haute Couture which is the fashion that you see on the runways that you’d never wear. It’s extravagant and different. Let me get one thing straight...it’s pronounced “hoat”. If you asked a designer, they would tell you that the ‘h’ is supposed to be silent, but I’m going against the grain on that one. I chose the name Haute Life because I believe that everyone should be living a high-quality life – everyone’s definition of a high-quality life will be different, but we can all agree that it should contain health, happiness and longevity. I believe high-quality food, fitness and lifestyle factors are the key to living the Haute Life. I’m here to help people define their own Haute Life and help them achieve it

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