Cosmopolitan Primal Girl is back from sunny San Diego with a request!

Weekly Warm-up: Skipping 3 mins

2 Rounds: 3-6 Cast Wall Walks 3-6 Skin the Cats 10 Shoulder Pass Throughs 10 Overhead Squats [4012]

Part 1:

Press 8RM - rest 2.5 mins between work sets.

Part 2: Establish max # strict Chin-ups Establish max # strict Dips

**This is the same same protocol as last Tuesday...If you did it last week, use the same numbers and try to get more total reps through the sets.

Then, 6 Rounds:

50% max Chin Ups unbroken, or best effort 50% max Dips unbroken, or best effort rest 60sec

Record these numbers in your training log.

Part 3: 2 Rounds for max reps:

  • 2 min max Double Unders
  • 1 min max Wall Ball