This weekend was one of fierce competition at the CrossFit Games at the Home Depot Centre in California.  Even more though, it was a weekend of incredible heart.  If you watched any of the live coverage, you would have seen athletes push through intense workouts, ripped hands, unbelievable fatigue...and achieve unreal feats.  Ignoring all the physical and mental pain and just continuing to work through.

CrossFit trains for the be prepared for whatever randomness life throws at you.

Elanna sadly did not get the opportunity to take on the games.  After battling a migraine Friday, she couldn't shake it and made the decision to not compete.  There are some things you can never prepare for, and you have to stop and listen to your body even when you want nothing more than to push on.  After nearly a year of preparation, battling the provinces best, and then Canada's best, this is a hard hard decision to make.

There are few people who would ever take the plunge to compete.  Elanna not only took the plunge, she dedicated everything she had to training and competing in the lead up to the Games.  She proved she IS an elite athlete.  There are no words to ease the disappointment of not being able to compete for something you have put so much of yourself into.

Elanna, you ARE an incredible member of our CFQ community.  We have watched day after day as you have trained so hard..sometimes through exhaustion, sometimes through injury.  You ARE a inspiration to us all.  You embody everything that CrossFit is.  A competitor, a mentor, a awesome person.

We are proud of everything you have accomplished and we hope you recognize the greatness in yourself.

Group Warm-up:

  • 5 mins Rolling out

2 Rounds:

  • 10-15 Ring Dips or Push-ups
  • 10-15 Split Squats/side [32x0]
  • 15 Band Pull Aparts
  • 10-20 Box Jumps

Movement Prep:

  • Hip Openers 12/side


NEW Q's - Deadlift 3 x 5 VETERAN Q's - Deadlift 3 x 2-3

Metcon: As Many Rounds as Possible in 10 mins of:

  • 6 Deadlifts @ 50% 1RM (or 60% 5RM)
  • Run 100m