FIFA excitement is everywhere!  And sadly it's coming near the end, the Finals are this Sunday.  To celebrate we are holding a FIFA BBQ at CFQ on Sunday July 11th, and live-streaming the game on the big screen (aka. wall projector!)

Bring your friends, your favorite BBQ potluck dish, perhaps some cold beverages (adult ones welcome!) and we'll supply the burgers!  It'll be tons of fun!

BBQ starts at 1:30pm...and game starts at 2:30pm.

We encourage team colours, flags, loud horn things, face paint and choreographed cheer routines!

Group Warm-up: Lacrosse Ball rolling 30 Kettlebell Swings 10-15 burpees Arm Swings + Circles Leg Swings Torso Rotations

Movement Prep:

  • Torsion Control 10/side
  • Heel to Butt Test

*If ya fail – Wall Quad Stretch *If ya pass – Ankle Mobility Wall Drill10/side torsion control quad stretch against wall if fail heel to butt test, otherwise ankle mobility

Gymnastic Skills:

A1. Ring Dips 6-8 or Muscle Up Progressions 2-4 A2. Hand stand progressions (kick ups, handstand holds, handstand push-ups)


4 Rounds for Max Reps of:

  • 45 sec max Kettlebell Swings
  • 45sec max Burpees
  • 45sec max Box Jumps
  • Rest 90 secs

After-Party: 3 x Front Plank for 60 sec - rest 30 sec.  If you can't hold for full 60 secs, hold for max time.

Strength Athletics:

Rest/Recovery Day!  Get friendly with your foam roller and lacrosse ball!