Join us on Saturday July 10 for a technique workshop on the split jerk. Participants will learn the key movements and positions necessary to execute this lift correctly.

Lifters will leave the seminar with a solid understanding of the split jerk and with drill progressions to practice and improve their technique.

Who Should Attend? This seminar is open to anyone who wants to explore the Olympic lifts in more detail. We strongly recommend taking this course if you want to begin to incorporating jerks into your daily workouts. If you have any shoulder injuries that preclude rapid overhead movement, you probably want to take a pass on this seminar. Get healthy and wait for this to come around again.

Details Cost: This technique session is free to up to date CFQ members and costs $35 for non-members. Scheduling: Saturday July 10 from 11am-12:30

Examples Check out these lifts for a good idea of what the jerk should look like: