Group Warm Up

A. 4 mins Lacrosse Ball Torture -work out those kinks! B. 2 mins Skipping @ 70% – singles, single leg, side straddle, forward straddle, and double unders C. 10 x arm and leg swings, torso rotations D. 5 x Walkouts E. 3 lengths of Quadrepedal movements

Movement Prep: A1. 10-12/side split squat [32x0] A2. 12 X-band Walks, 12 side steps per direction. a3. 10 Skin the Cats

Strength: A1. HP Clean 10 x 2, rest 60 sec. *Warm-up in sets of 3 until you hit about 75-80% of your 1RM with good form. Then do 2 HP Cleans each minute.


A1. Overhead Squat 3 x 5, rest 2.5-3mins

Metcon: AMRAP in 15 mins: "No Rest for the Wicked" in partners..

  • 10 Wall Balls
  • Max reps Kettlebell Swings
  • Every minute on the minute stop whatever you are doing and do 3 Burpees then resume

    This workout is scored only in reps for the kettlebell swing.  While one partner is completing 10 Wall Balls, the other partner is trying to get in as many kettlebell swings as possible.  Once the partner doing wall balls completes their 10, the partners switch.  BUT, every minute on the minute, you BOTH must stop and give 3 burpees, then resume.

    Strength Athletics - Rest/Recovery!