DRUMROLL please!

Congratulations!  You all not only survived 7 weeks of Spring Leaning...you kicked serious paleo butt!

The results are in, the before and afters have been viewed and the results are UNREAL!  The transformations that took place are nothing short of awesome.  And let's get one thing straight...the scale is not an accurate tool to measure your successes! In fact, I suggest you all toss em out the window...do it right now...I'll wait....

It is so easy (and so very wrong) to get frustrated by an unbudging scale.  And now you have scientific proof that those bathroom contraptions are positively useless.  YES USELESS!  They are unable to measure kipping pull ups or dead hangs, huge PR's, or massive amounts of inches lost.  And that kids...is exactly what you all accomplished!

The box was full of performance gains and body fat losses.  Evil sugar addictions and bad relationships with unhealthy foods were stomped.  New recipes, foods and flavours were discovered.  Now show me a scale that can measure that!

I say this with the deepest sincerity...you all done us proud!  The results were mind blowing and the pictures jaw dropping. Each and every one of you Spring Leaners won.  And sticking with it will only keep you winning.

As hard as it was, we did have to stick to the rules and pick the top male and female.  And it was no easy task.  The results were super close and it came down to photo finishes.

So without further ado...please congratulate our first CFQ Paleo King and Queen!

For the ladies, Theresa (aka T-Bird) took top spot.  Our lovely 7am'er lost 18lbs and a HUGE 8.5 inches in total!  T-Bird not only smashed the stats, she also hit PR's week after week.  Only a few short months ago T-Bird was barely able to break parallel fighting old injuries and stiffness...fast forward to last week when she put down a 95# overhead squat!  Heck ya!  The Crown couldn't go to a more deserving Queen!

Our Paleo King is Mike I!  Yes, the once semi-primal husband of Cosmopolitan girl went fully primal and now reigns as King! Mike is not only new to paleo, he is also new to CrossFit.  A hulking strength fighting huge inflexibility, Mike never missed a morning, and is now regularly seen on the PR board!  Not to mention the dead hang pull ups he mastered a few weeks ago. That's just how this guy rolls!  From a bread lovin' super tight guy...to a converse wearin' barbell master!  Yes Mike it's official...you fell to our happy little cult!  The biggest high five to the most deserving King!

Honourable mentions need to be given to the following, as it really was a close finish, and there were some other phenomenal results:

  • Sarah B...our member from afar!  Dropping fat and inches like it was nobodies business...and doing it veggie styles!
  • Our bride-to-be Lisa!  Fighting her nemesis "the squat!" and she is winning the battle!
  • Jodi S...who almost likes running and has seen some HUGE lifts of late!
  • Sam G...who is crowned Prince!  The runner up in the male race.
  • George S...pressing and deading a ridiculous number of plates...and getting shredded at the same time!

Congratulations crew!  High fives to all.

For the rest of you winners...I urge you to take a look at your before and after pics next time you are in as I don't think you can fully appreciate all that you have accomplished until you see it with your own eyes!

So celebrate your victories...but remember Cosmopolitan Primal Girl's warning...don't make it a bender!

And on that note, we cannot end without thanking our fearless primal leader Summer (aka Cosmopolitan Primal Girl).  She set us on the right path and week after week supported us with tips, recipes, articles and advice.  Thank you Summer, we couldn't have done it without you.

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