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CrossFit Quantum: Strength Athletics Option

CrossFit Quantum is very excited to offer a new alternative to our general program. For those who want to add more strength focus to their training, we are offering a special Strength Athletics (SA) Program. The first training cycle will last for 8 weeks. We will evaluate the success of the program after the first cycle and decide how, and if, we will offer it after the first 8 weeks. We hope you like it!

Who is the SA program for?

  • Athletes involved in sports requiring a strength and power bias like American football.
  • Members who want more of a strength emphasis based on personal goals.
  • Athletes with at least three months of consistent training. We suggest sticking with the regular program for at least that long to gain exposure to a wide variety of movements and training stimuli.

Key Info:

  • Training sessions will take between 60-90minutes and will overlap with regular classes.
  • All members will train 4 days/week, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Participants are expected to take the other days of the week OFF as rest/recovery days.
  • Training can begin at: 6am, 5pm, 6pm.
  • Participants will lift heavy 4 days per week, with between 1-3 different lifts per day.
  • Participants will do 2 metcons/week with the regular class (most likely on Monday and Tuesday)
  • All training will be supervised by a CFQ coach, but athletes are responsible for reading the program and beginning their warm-up and workout somewhat independently.

*Final scheduling and details subject to slight change as we make final adjustments.

Expectations of SA trainees:

  1. SA trainees must commit to train 3-4 times per week for a full cycle of training. Each cycle typically lasts from 6-10 weeks. Strength is difficult to build and regular training is required. If you are serious about your training and are ready to focus on strength and peak power development, you need to come that often, and not more.
  2. SA trainees who incorporate Olympic style weightlifting must complete a minimum of 2 technique sessions per lift (clean, snatch, jerk) before incorporating it into their program. The reason for this is that Olympic lifts must be performed correctly to gain the benefits. Our standards and expectations are high, and we would prefer that athletes perform the lifts correctly or not at all. The most benefit will come from private or semi private 1/2hr technique sessions, but athlete are also encouraged to attend group technique sessions held separately on weekends.
  3. SA trainees must be mindful of the regular CF classes and not impede regular classes.

If you are interested in joining the Strength Athletics training program, please speak to one of the CFQ trainers.  More information will be posted in the gym this week.  Let's get strong kids!

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Skill Work:

10 mins - Double Under and Kipping Pull Up drills OR

10 mins - Tripod/Frogstand/Handstand/Handstand push-ups and Skin the Cat Progressions

Metcon: Tabata Mash-up (total of 16 intervals)

  • Wall ball
  • Double Unders

The After-Party:

  • 3 x 90sec plank hold, rest 60 sec

*If can’t hold for 90 sec, 3 x max effort plank with 60 sec rest