Well Kids...you did it!  It's Summer Solstice, and that means the end of the Spring Leaning Challenge.  So today, you are all the AWESOME!

Congratulations to all of you who participated.  There have been some AMAZING physical changes over the last 7 weeks...and some crazy fitness gains!  We've seen banded pulls ups transform into unassisted kips and LOTS of "first" deadhangs...strength numbers keep going up and up and up...and those who once may have shed a tear over a sprint are now speedily zooming to the finish with a smile!

A big thank you to Cosmopolitan Primal Girl for being our fearless leader and endless motivator.  And to each of you for putting some much effort and enthusiasm into the 7 weeks.  A support system of awesome people is an invaluable resource.  The gym and facebook page were a buzz with constant encouragement...saving many from a cupcake mishap!

So now that you made it here...celebrate!  But don't throw all your progress away.  This challenge wasn't about "getting skinny" and then falling back into your old habits.  It's about starting the journey to health...to feeling, looking and performing better...FOR LIFE!  You know it's possible...now make it your lifestyle.  It's time to really apply the 80/20 rule to your life.  Eat real whole foods to nourish and fuel...reap the benefits...and enjoy that occasional indulgence.  Your health is your greatest treasure.

We will be doing final body composition measurements and pictures from Monday to Wednesday this week.  You must have your picture and measurements completed by Wednesday evening to qualify for the Paleo Pot winnings!  The winners will be announced Friday morning on the site!

Good Luck to everyone.  And regardless of the final standings...you all won!

Check out Cosmopolitan Primal Girl's post on "10 Signs You're Primal!"

**Also, tune in tomorrow for a super awesome new training option to be announced!  Ohhhhh the suspense!**

We are coming to the close of this training cycle and it's time to see how you fared!  It's BENCHMARK RETEST Week!

Movement Prep:

  • 10 Groiner Circles/side (alternating direction)
  • 10 Wall Squat Therapy
  • 10 Band Squats


NEW Q's - Overhead Squat 5RM

VETERAN Q's - Overhead Squat 1RM


*Compare to April 20, 2010

“Nancy” 5 Rounds for Time of:

  • 400m run
  • 15 Overhead Squat  (boys: 95#/girls: 65#)

*use exactly the same weight as April 20th