Todays' Awesome: Peeling an orange in one shot.

"It ain't easy, but when you finally succeed in peeling an orange into only one big swirly peel, it can be one of the greatest fruit-eating experiences of your life!"


As some of you may know, Kadie leaves for BC next week to attend camp for the National Basketball team.  That's BIG!

Elanna and Dyanne are hosting a "Bon Voyage/Good Luck Lady" gathering for her this Friday, June 18th.

Party starts at 8pm.  Bring something delicious and paleo...and any adult beverages you may want to indulge in!

For location details, please ask one of the CFQ trainers, or refer to the white board in the gym.  Or email us at

Please come out and wish her well!

During today's AMRAP when you hear "half-way"...remember you have two choices...

Endurance Test: Max pull-ups

*Kipping allowed.  Set continues as long as athlete hangs onto the bar, or until they fail a repetition.

Gymnastic Skill:

  • 5 Ring Inverts or Skin the Cats
  • 10 sec Frog Stand or Tripod


As Many Rounds as Possible in 12 mins:

  • 6 Pull-ups
  • 12 Push-ups
  • 18 Air Squats

Post Workout: Lat Stretch!!!  This week should have you itchin' to stretch out those lats!