Today's Awesome : When you spill something on your shirt and it doesn't leave a stain!  (anyone who has done Paleo on the go can appreciate this level of awesome!)

"A big spill without a big stain means you played with fire and came out cool, hung over the edge but pulled yourself back; and nearly ended it all but instead just ended up being AWESOME!"

Movement Prep: A1. Torsion Control x10/side A2. 10 x Y's (3 sec hold)

Gymnastic Practice: B1. Muscle-up Progressions B2.  5 x Single leg box squat (per side)

Endurance Test: Max Push-ups *Maintain plank for each rep.  Set ends when knees/thighs dip and touch the ground.

Metcon: Tabata Tuesday

  • Tabata 1: Burpees
  • Tabata 2: Double Unders