A very special someone celebrated their  birthday this weekend!  Miss Lisa of the AM crew has all kinds of good stuff going on this summer.  Not only did she celebrate her "29th" birthday yesterday...she took on a marathon a few weeks back, is kicking some serious butt in the Spring Leaning challenge...AND is getting married in August!

High Fives Lisa...it's the summer of YOU!

As you know, we are pretty proud of all the awesomeness that goes down in Awesometown.  Lady G bought me the best present ever...The Book of Awesome!  So I plan to spread the wealth and give you a Daily Awesome...till we finish the book!

Today's Awesome -  The smell of the coffee aisle in the grocery store.  Not sure if you know how I feel about coffee...but this gets a double AWESOME!

Movement Prep: A1. Groiner circles x 10 per side/direction A2. 8 Wide Squats [3220] A3. 10 Wall Squats [3020] A4. 10 Split Squats/side

Strength: ALL Q's Overhead Squat 3RM

Metcon: As Many Rounds as Possible in 10 min of:

  • 25 KB Swings
  • 10 Box Jumps

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