While  I was in Ireland I had the pleasure of visiting CrossFit Ireland.  Anyone who knows me, will know that I have a bit of a CrossFit stalker tendancy!  In the best of ways!  Wherever I am, I try to check out an affiliate...even if I have to rent a car and drive 2 hours!

I almost didn't make it to CF Ireland.  For some crazy reason, no one wanted to drive me at 7am in the morning!  If I thought I would survive driving on the the opposite side of the road and round-abouts...I would have taken matters into my own hands. Luckily, for the safety of others and myself, it didn't resort to this.

Thankfully I was able to hit up the noon class the day before I left.  If you don't follow the Crossfit Ireland blog...you should.  It screams good people and strong community.  And it's no different in person.  Highly recommend having a read through Will's vision...lots of awesomeness there! If you're ever in Ireland...bribe friends and family and make sure you check them out.

Thanks to Colm, Will and Tom for being fab hosts.  And for stocking delish Irish jerky!  MMMMM!  And a shout out to Tony who has the best mantra ever...Why would you Stop?! And for giving me some tips on good stink-eye...I have some work to do!

Reminder!  Today from 11am-12:30pm we have our first Olympic Lifting Focus class.  Come get your Power Clean on!

Gymnastics Fun! 10 mins

  • A1. Skin the Cat Variation (knee to elbow, ring invert, skin the cat)
  • A2. L-sit Variation (tucked l-sit, l-sit hold, l-pull-up)


3 Rounds for time of:

  • 40 Box Jumps
  • 20 Pull-ups
  • 40 KB Swings
  • 20 Wall Ball

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