Tips from abroad: 

  • If you look innocent enough they will let you through airport security with paleo goodies!  I managed hardboiled eggs, chicken, broccoli and an avocado!
  • These won't make you friends on a 7 hour flight! 
  • No matter how bad you want to comply...lights out is near impossible on an Air Transat plane.  Unless maybe you are under 5ft and less than 80 pounds!
  • The day you leave, is NOT the day to do a deadlift, thruster, pull up workout. 
  • They now serve airplane dinners with two-bite brownies...and that's just cruel.  It feels wrong to give them back untouched.

Miss you all in Toronto!

Movement Prep:

  • 10 Split Squat/side - keep that back leg straight to put emphasis on the hip flexor 
  • Torsion Control Drill 12/side with 3sec hold


ALL Q's - Barbell Split Squat

  • 4 x 4-6/side - rest 45sec between sides and 2 mins between sets.


Complete for Time: 25-20-15-10-5

  • Sumo Deadlift High Pull
  • Thrusters

*Use 1 barbell - weight is 40-45% of 1RM Push Press