Well kids...it's been 30 days and you all survived!  Yes Spring Leaning's induction period has come to a close!  Now before you sprint (obviously...cuz CrossFitters don't jog!) to the nearest Cupcake boutique and reward yourself with a dozen...remember we ain't at the finish line yet!

The 30 days was the induction!  And with all good inductions we need a sequel!  Time for phase 2 of the Spring Leaning challenge.

To help, some guidance on what's next from our paleo goddess Cosmopolitan Primal Girl!

(Here's a little secret...I fly out to Ireland today and plan to test my tolerance with a few pints!  BUT...I fully intend to keep it paleo in the Emerald Isle!  Slainte!)

Awesome work to date Spring Leaners.  Three more weeks to go...make em count!

If you'd like to see where you are at, we are taking measurements this week.  Just ask, and one of the CFQ crew can measure you up!

Movement Prep: Torsion Control 2 sets of 8-10/side – 2-3 sec holds

Gymnastic Skills: Complete 3-4 Rounds L1:

5 Kip Swings 5 Ring Rows 3 Kick up to Handstands


5 Ring Inverts 5 Kneeling Muscle Ups 3 x 8 sec Handstand Holds


5 Skin the Cats (tempo: 3/2/3/2) 3 Muscle Ups 5 Handstand Push Ups


3 Rounds for Time:

  • 20 Pull-ups
  • 30 Push-ups
  • 40 Squats
  • 400 m Run

*rest exactly 2 mins between rounds