Some work disasters had me canceling my flight the day before we were to leave for Regionals.  Frustrated and disappointed was where I was at.  My cheer-leading efforts were thwarted by work...and that's just not right!

Elanna, Dyanne and Leah flew out Thursday afternoon, with plans to meet up with their fellow cheerleader, Jennie O in Calgary.  Leah, equipped with her new iPhone was on strict orders to send me updates so we could all follow along in Toronto, and send cheers from afar.

The CFQ crew in Calgary awoke to snow and cold Friday morning...while we complained of heat and humidity back in the city! But the regionals had to go on!

I had fully planned to hold my grudge against my situation all weekend.  Full on pouts and whining.  I had no doubts in my ability to do so...I am a bit of a pout master!

I don't know the exact time...but at some point on Friday afternoon I lost my pout!  Not only lost it, but it turned 180 on me...and I was ecstatic, tense, impatient, over-joyed....every emotion possible!  Following the Regionals from afar, was a whole CrossFit workout in itself...and at it's core as usual was Community.

Facebook and Twitter were alive with CrossFit energy!  Updates pouring in from all over, pictures, videos, well wishes. Strangers e-talking with nothing in common but high hopes for their athlete friends and a love of the CrossFit Community.

This, to me, is what separates CrossFit from “other” fitness and sporting events – the community, the sense of camaraderie. There is no is boo’ing, bad-mouthing, or name-calling.  There are no bad guys.  When one athlete finishes ahead of the pack, spectators move their attention to the remaining, encouraging them them to the end…right to the last finisher.  Cheers don’t diminish, they are equally loud for last place as they were for first place.  Sometimes the under-dog, the “loser,” receives even greater respect from the crowd.  Failures are not recognized, instead efforts are celebrated.

This community, this incredible display of support, may be unique to CrossFit, but it's not unique to just the Sectionals, Regionals or the Games.  It's found everyday, in each and every affiliate around the world.  It is what makes a CrossFit.  It’s not about the number of members, the location, the fanciness of the box…it’s about the people inside and the strong connection they have.

We are like a “team” with a loyalty that cannot be matched.  We come from all different walks of life, different age groups, and athletic backgrounds, and yet find a common ground when we enter the gym doors.  We are fierce competitors, and yet each others strongest supporters.

My intentions of a miserable weekend, turned into an amazing journey with different affiliates from across Canada.  They opened a window into the Regionals that we could all follow from afar.  We were joined by strangers at our times compulsively hitting the refresh button to see how the athletes were doing.  "Liking" status updates and photos...retweeting results and well wishes!  From all of us who e-participated...thank you to the amazing athletes, the dedicated coaches, and the awesome cheerleaders...who kept their iPhones snapping and social networks buzzing!

And to our amazing Elanna.  There are no words that can fully convey how proud we are.  We followed in awe as your ranking sailed up and up and up!  Sunday's dinner was spent hitting the refresh button after that final WOD.  You earned each and every win this weekend through months of hard and dedicated training.  I still can't forgot the line in your email before Sectionals "“shouldn’t I accomplish something before you do a profile?” Well lady, you gone done it!

And a special shout out to your number one supporter Dyanne.  It's takes an equally strong lady to support all the time spent training!

Safe travels home...we can't wait to celebrate in person!

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