Day 1 of the Regionals.

A balmy 6˚C is Fridays high in Okotoks, Alberta...home of Natural High CrossFit and venue for Event 1 of the Regionals. The day is forecasted to open with mixed precipitation...that's code for "it's freakin snowing in May!"

The big opener is a 6.7 km cross country run.  The website advises using shoes you don't plan to need for the rest of the weekend. Pretty sure this means it ain't no flat and slow route!  May the wind be always at your back Elanna!

This is also the opener for the Team Events.  Affiliate teams from across Canada will be running the 6.7km route relay style...2 guys and 2 gals to a team.  Shout outs to Element Crossfit who sent a badass team, and CrossFit Vancouver who has our much missed Aimee on it! Lots of luck from T.O!

So now that Calgary is covered...what's going on in steamy Toronto...

Movement Prep:

  • 10 Split Squats per side [42x0]
  • Wall Squat Therapy


NEW Q’s:

Deadlift 3 x 5 sets across (same weight)


Deadlift – work up to 3RM  (3 work sets above 85% of 1RM)


Tabata This (8 rounds) - Toes to Bar


Tabata That (8 rounds) - Ring Rows