A big shout out to the awesome work crew that joined us on Wednesday from the University Health Network (UHN).  Team "Well Beings" were participating in an inter-hospital health challenge and came out to get their sweat on.  They mastered squats, threw some weight overhead and hit the pull-up bars.  Then it was on to some healthy competing in the team workout!

Congratulations to all the "Well Beings" for their awesome effort and enthusiasm!

Movement Prep:

Torsion Control Drill 2 sets of 10/side – 2-3 sec holds

Gymnastics L1: 3-4 sets: Hollow Body Rocks x 10 sec; 3 kick up to Handstand attempts L2: 3-4 sets: Tripod/Frog Stand x 10 sec; 3x 8 sec Handstand Holds, L3: 3-4 sets: Tripod/Frog Stand x 15 sec; 3-5 Hand Stand Push-ups

Metcon: Death by Double Unders and Burpees! For the first minute, perform 1 Double Under and 1 Burpee, rest for any remaining time in the minute.  At minute 2, perform 2 Double Unders then 2 Burpees, rest for any remaining time in the minute.  Continue adding with each minute until you fall off pace up to 20 mins. *1 double = 2 single skips