It's all about da' tempo!  Consider it Fit Math.

Here's how it works...


4 = the first number is the time in seconds to lower the weight (eccentric or negative phase)

0 = the second number is the "pause" at the completion of the movement (or the start of the actual lifting)

2 = the third number is the time in seconds to lift in the concentric phases.  An "X" means explosive

0 = the fourth number is the pause at the top of the lift

So let's apply this to a movement shall we!

For an Air squat with a tempo of 4020

  • You are going to lower into the bottom position (eccentric) for a count of 4 seconds...meaning it's going to take you 4 seconds to lower into the bottom of your squat (don't drop...lower).
  • Then at the bottom there is no sitting around (that's the 0).
  • From the bottom position you will take 2 seconds to "lift" out of the squat (concentric).
  • Then the last number, 0, means no hanging out at the top, move back into your next squat.

No calculators needed...just control of movement!  Isn't Fit Math fun!

Movement Prep:

  • 2x10-12 Squat with Band around knee [4020]
  • 2x10-12 Unweighted Split Squat  [42x0] (remember X = explode)

Strength Work:

NEW Q's:

A1. Back Squat 3 x 5, Work up to a heavy set of 5 and stay at that weight for 3 sets - rest 45sec A2. Ring Dips 4 x 8-10 - rest 2 mins


A1. Back Squat 5RM, 3-4 sets above 75% RM - rest 45sec A2. Ring Dips 4 x 8-10 - rest 2mins


3 sets of 3 min AMRAP

  • 7 Burpees
  • 7 DB Snatch/side

*rest 1min between sets