The weather is heating up and that means less clothes and more skin!  Time to paleo'ize yourself and get with nutrition for life.

  • Haven't heard of Paleo?
  • Addicted to all things sugary and sweet?
  • Think a meal isn't complete without a side of grains?
  • Tired of feeling tired?
  • Chasing that darn PR?
  • Or just need a gentle nudge to get back on the wagon?

We're here to help!  Well actually Cosmopolitan Primal Girl is here to save us all and get us all on the primal path full of real foods, leaner bods, and badass PR's.

CrossFit Quantum is challenging you to "Spring Lean!"  Take on the 7 week challenge and see how good real foods taste and make you feel.  Just like a CrossFit workout, there is strength in numbers.  We can take it on together.

Come out to CrossFit Quantum for one of the Spring Lean Intro Sessions hosted by the lovely Ms. Primal herself.

Thursday April 29th @ 7pm OR Sunday May 2nd @ 10am

Then Sign Up and take on the Challenge.

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