Ever question mid workout why the heck you are putting yourself through this pain?  Ever find yourself thinking "why am I here suffering instead of at home sleeping?"  Ever get asked "why would you ever do that to yourself in the name of fitness?"

WHY?  Because taking on CrossFit makes you stronger, and not just in body!  Accomplishing a lift, or battling through a MetCon makes you both physically and mentally tough.  It takes you to a place well outside your comfort zone...and teaches the body and mind how to cope, how to survive, how to excel.

This is a beautiful thing...and it reaches further than the walls of the gym.  It gives you an appreciation of what real discomfort feels like, and helps you ignore the mole hills and tackle the mountains.  It takes an unpleasant situation and makes it deal-able.

A strong body is awesome (and heck...who doesn't want to look good naked!)...but a strong mind is beautiful.

Use that "pain" for gain.  Don't fixate on the negative...just look to the positive outcome.


*Benchmark Workout - compare to March 13, 2010

6 Rounds for Time:

  • 10 DB Muscle Snatch/side
  • Run 200m or 15 Box Jumps

(complete as you did on March 13th - same weights and run or box jumps)