I bet you were thinking "oh good, it's hump day!"  Half way to the weekend can make anyone smile.  Then the WOD gets posted...FRAN...there goes the happy.

Yes kids, today is Fran Day...taking all the pep outta hump day for most!  Fran is probably the most revered and feared of CrossFit workouts.  Two movements, the thruster and pull up, that can reduce even the most badass of CrossFitters to a crumpled mess when the final nine pull ups are complete.

Fran is a bragging right.  Meet a fellow CrossFitter and it's not uncommon to hear "yah, but what's your Fran time?"  For some it's a badge of honour and they boast about their crazy sub-whatever times.  For others, it's a workout that they would rather forget, and quietly keep their time to themselves!

At CrossFit Quantum, this is our second run at Fran since we opened last month.  This week is all about benchmarks and progress.

When you take on Fran today, fight the discomfort and don't give in.  Don't worry about those around you and their times. This is about YOUR progress.  You are in competition with yourself.

So when the question arises...what's your Fran time...you can boast with confidence "40 whooping seconds faster than my last Fran time!"



  • Thrusters (boys 95#/girls 65#)
  • Pull Ups