Form Friday


Level I: Deadlift 3 sets of 5RM (same weight across work-sets)

  • 4 warm-up sets: 5-5-5-5
  • 3 Work-sets: 5-5-5

Level II/III: Hang Power Clean 3RM
Work up to a heavy 3RM

  • 4-5 Warm-up sets: 5-5-5-3-3
  • 3 Work Sets: 3-3-3

Form/technique is KEY. If form is failing, back off the weight. The road to beautiful, heavy O-Lifts begins with killer form.

During rest period:

  • 5x jump and land (no bar) – focus on footwork and positioning
  • 5x empty bar drops from rack position. Elbows up, keep arms loose, drop bar from shoulders and catch at hips. Get in tune with how the bar path feels (close to body) and the rhythm when the arms are loose


21-15-9 of:

  • Box Jumps
  • DB Thrusters @ 50% (total weight) of 3RM Push Press from Thursday