Some of you may not be aware that we have a celebrity among us!

Yes, CrossFit Quantum is lucky to have the lovely Summer (a.k.a. Cosmopolitan Primal Girl) as one of our awesome ladies.  Not only can she serve it up on the gym floor with heavy barbells and stunning pull ups...this gal is a killer in the kitchen!  If you think Paleo is dull, then you haven't tried the Cosmo Primal way!

Check out her latest!  For all those toying with Paleo, it's time to fall in love!  Don't rush it...enjoy the game and FLIRT a little!

Intrigued?  Still a non-believer that Paleo is possible for life?  I dare you to come along on a World Tour of incredible food at Paleo Nights #3 ...Cosmopolitan Primal Girl will make you a believer!