barely two weeks in and the CFQ box is overflowing with awesomeness!

welcome to all our new members, and a special welcome to our first foundations group!

we are overwhelmed by the dedication and support of everyone, and are excited to see our community grow.  we are also super proud of all the great stuff our members have going on.  everyday we are seeing huge improvements and impressive PR's.  not to mention we've celebrated two special gals birthdays, which included birthday sprints and leotards!  really, what more could we ask for?  the q'crew is all smiles!

we've got some really exciting stuff coming up too.  endurance specific training protocols for you super-athletes!  another paleo nights later this month with the lovely cosmopolitan primal girl (details coming soon!)  the official grand opening include some great tunes and non-paleo celebratory cocktails.  you can be certain lady G will be gracing us with her legendary dance moves on both these occasions - guaranteed to be bigger and better than her post-WOD robot and running man!  and if you haven't noticed, peter has been busting out the moves lately and we're sure he's saving his big debut for the grand opening.

you are also going to see a lot of good stuff in the programming over the next few weeks.  our focus and goal is to see you "be better than yesterday."  your performance improvements are markers of how well we are serving you, and that is key to us! stay tuned for specific strengthening, mobility and stretching programs to help each of you combat your individual "goats."

the q'crew had a vision of an awesome space, filled with an incredible community working towards athletic excellence.  each of you are making that a reality.

as a huge thank you, we are extending a discounted  april/may membership to our march joiners! we are offering a 2 month membership (april and may) for $125 + tax/month, as a token of our gratitude for all the love we have seen from our members.

the fine print:  this is only available to our members that join in march.  payments can be made by cash or cheque and we ask that you commit to both april and may.

there aren't enough high-fives in the universe to express how thankful we are to have such an awesome community, and how excited we are to see the awesomeness grow!

the q'crew