Well actually, they were knee socks!

The knee socks were laid out with great care, in hopes that CrossFitters would soon be there!

Weeks of scrubbing, painting, drilling, hammering, more drilling, more hammering, lifting, moving...did I mention drilling? All in preparation for the big day...the opening of CrossFit Quantum.

Saturday marked the official opening of our beloved CFQ box.  We opened the doors and in flowed awesomness!  We were overwhelmed with the amazing turnout and support from everyone.  A great day was had as we reunited with old friends, made new friends, snacked on delicious paleo goodies, and christened the newly laid mats with sweat angels!

It took a lot of hard work to get us here, and we couldn't have done it without some incredible support.  Some very special thank yous are in order.

To the lovely Sara, there are no words to express our gratitude.  Her artistic skills were max'd out as she designed our killer t-shirts and knee socks, filled our space with incredible photography, laid out the AMAZING wall decal, and tirelessly made phone call after phone call.  In between these feats of greatness, she painted, scrubbed and prepped alongside us.  We truly couldn't have accomplished all we did without you.

The Great Senior Weir who gave many many hours to Operation Pull Up Bars!  And a mission it was!  A big thank you for your guidance and patience...and for keeping the Q'Crew boys safe!

James and Craig for their expertise!

The Gals!  Lisa, Natalie, Summer and Katherine!  No job was too big for this crew!  Some even found new passions...exclamations of "Oh, I love painting" and "this is totally therapeutic" could be heard throughout the box!  Not to mention the bouts of laughter they brought!

Noah...our helper from afar.  We are so very thankful for your constant support and advice.

Cosmopolitan Primal Girl, who continues to wow us with her primal creations.  We look forward to many future paleo nights and good eats!  Thanks so much for all the opening goodies...delish.

Mini and Medium Weir (aka Madeline and Laura)!  Our unwavering cheerleaders who supported with coffee, errand runs, and daily smiles.

And of course, everyone who joined us Saturday in celebration.

We are excited to see our CrossFit Quantum community grow and achieve amazing feats!

Many, many thanks.

The Q'Crew

Check out all the fun that was had on our facebook fan page!