The Q'Crew have been hard at work all weekend.  Like your typical superheroes, we've been fighting grime, battling dust bunnies  and painting the town..Awesometown that is.  Also, much like the average superhero, we have harnessed our powers and unleashed them to hipify our not so secret lair...CrossFit Quantum. Lady G used her super robot-moves to dance through wall washing and painting.  Tyler employed his super paint skills and kept us all rolling in awesome straight and unstreaky lines!  Peter kept our spirits high with soca and reggae tunes pumping from his super boom-box.  T-dot Sio ensured the crew was fueled with powerful Americanos.

The transformation is happening at a fast and furious pace.

A special thank you to our ever lovely sidekick Supa' Sara!  A master of the camera and paint brush.  We couldn't have conquered as much as we did without you.  Biggie high fives to Medium and Mini Weir for being so darn cute (both of you!) and stopping by with more paint supplies, Starbuck's juice, and smiles!  And of course, Senior Weir, who delivered the ladder just in time, saving us from balancing on each others shoulders with drippy paint brushes!