May we introduce the new home of CrossFit Quantum!

If you thought Fran or Murph were challenging, we've got news for you!  There is something out there more gruesome than Thrusters and Pull Ups, and no amount of Push Ups, Sit Ups or Squats could top the amount of hard work and focus we have just completed.  That's right...the ultimate workout...Lease for Reps!

Actually it may be more realistic to say Lease for as many rounds as possible...except the duration was months not minutes!

After endless hours of emails, phone calls and visits...pages and pages of agreements, counter agreements, reviews and edits...WE HAVE OUR LEASE.

Which means CrossFit Quantum has it's home.  The beautiful Leaside neighbourhood.

Our own little space complete with pull up door and back alley, all waiting to be filled with barbells, plates, and most importantly YOU!

What better way to kick off 2010, than taking a Quantum Leap!

We are all super excited to get started and share our new space.  We lovingly call CrossFit Quantum "AwesomeTown" as that is what we expect it to be!  A place where amazing people come together to achieve amazing goals as one big awesome community.

Already that community is sprouting!  The overwhelming support from everyone has been incredibly generous and touching! Biggie HIGH FIVES all around!

Check out our Q'News February Newsletter for more details and Winter Fun!

Stay tuned as the transformation starts!