our first paleo nights was a HUGE success.  what started as a few confirmed guests, turned into a bumping night with 25 attendees enjoying delicious paleo goodness and fabulous company.  oh...and some quasi-paleo beverages...wine DID start from grapes right! the star of the evening was the lovely ms cosmopolitan primal girl!  her incredible recipes were transformed into the real deal and we were the happy recipients of a delish 3-course paleo meal.  from appetizers to dessert, she held us captive by our taste buds.

a HUGE thanks to all those that attended.  the evening was not only full of wonderful food, but also of amazing people and conversation.

a very special thank you to semi-primal husband, who single handedly saved the night and still made it back it time to man the meat and produce the most perfectly done grass-fed roast!  (a very funny story now...at the time sheer panic)  but he kept his cool, hopped in his batmobile, and returned unflustered with the key to our foodlicious treasures (locked upstairs in a friends apartment!)

lastly, but certainly not least, thank you to the healthy butcher for the scrumptious meat and coupon flyer!

with such a great turnout, we had some leftover funds and were happy we could donate it to haiti relief efforts.  in fact, ms. primal's place of work matched the funds, and a total of $200 was donated.  good karma!

this is just the beginning...ms primal's already got more foodfantasies in the making...stay tuned.

check out all the detail on cosmopolitan primal girls site.

team quantum