join us for a night of paleo fun with cosmopolitan primal girl! she's a hipster on a mission to share her urban primal adventures in food.

primal nights is a chance to get together and learn about paleo/primal nutrition, it's benefits, learn new recipes, and make it more accessible to anybody!

"meat protein!" on january 23rd cosmo primal girl will explore the world of protein! *the importance of protein. ie: impact on metabolism, fat and energy *what does "lean" really mean? paleo vs primal on lean and fatty meats *who's game? the more exotic side of meat including elk, bison, venison, rabbit, and duck and where you can get it in the city

with all the food talk we will of course have some tastings!!

on the menu...

appetizers: spicy sweet and sour elk/veal mini meatballs duck hash on paleo crisps coconut shrimp

main: grass-fed beef roast with pureed parsnips and sauteed rapini and spinach

dessert: pineapple-banana upside down cake (aka paleo heaven) assortment of paleo cookies and treats

and of course wine paired to compliment each course (not so paleo!)

cost: $30 per person or bring a friend for $50 per pair!

the night promises to be full of learning and fun. even the most resistant paleo-convert will cave to the delectable dishes.

a paleo lifestyle does not condemn one to steamed broccoli and bland chicken breast. come out and learn how delicious and healthful the primal life is.

please RSVP by monday january 18th (to location details will be sent to confirmed attendees! hope to see you all!

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