untitled and so the journey continues...but now will whole new challenges!

i would say we have some of the most well-versed foodies in this q-crew.  all 4 of us, forever reading articles, websites, and books on all things food...graduates of mr. wolf's incredible nutrition certification.  bionic boy grows his own produce, which really is no surprise.  tyler is forever searching and sampling the next great paleo invention and is down with the entire dr. sears web collection!  lady g and i are gals so just avoiding chocolate on a daily basis is a huge accomplishment! 

anyway...back to knowing squat!

i can tell you how many almonds make up 1 block.  how many glorious tablespoons of avocado to accompany your eggs, and why fish is better (you get more ounces per block!)  ;)

but when it came to land zoning...whoa we were stumped.  and for a brief terrifying moment...we thought we were stopped dead in our location adventures.  (i call them adventures so they sound fun and challenging... take out the fun part and that about sums it up!)

here's the "land zoning information obtaining process:"

1. find space that is uber cool and perfect to house a super awesome crossfit community

2. have a closer look and take deep breath.  accept it will need some elbow grease.  look at your fab 4 crew and wicked friends and think "we got this!"

3. deal with crazy difficult landlord.  luckily you're a crossfitter and can handle this mental taxation. 

4. BAM!  someone says "zoning."  huh!?  ya sure, 3 almonds, 5 olives, 1 tbsp of avocado right?!  heeeeeck no!  did you know that the city has this crazy system that says where you can and can't have a store, restaurant, house, crossfit!  ok...so you probably did, as did we.  BUT we hadn't even considered that the space we had fallen for could possibly be a "no crossfit zone!"  

5. reach out to contacts to sort issue out.  this can include friends, family, awkward pasts....

6. call city.  wait on hold for 15 mins.  call city.  wait on hold for 7:46mins.  call city.  wait on phone for 17:21mins.  call city...WAIT...don't drop phone when actual human answers.  leave message.

7. take incoming call from city zone guy.  he breaks your delicate heart with news that he can't find a "crossfit" allowance in this light industrial zoned area.

8. reach out to awkward contacts! 

9. get positive news.  light industrial zoned area includes "recreational uses"  well heck yes we are recreational!  not to mention cardio-respiratory endurance fiends, flexible, speedy, powerful, agile, balanced, strong, accurate, killa' stamina, and coordinated.  not sure if that's on the city zoning checklist! 

10.  send bionic boy down to the city office armed with a book and a load of patience to complete "operation zone."  mission objective...get a straight answer on where our precious box can go!  (possibly NOT using those exact words!)

11.  receive good news email from bionic boy who survived his mission.  we are in good with the city and zoning correctly.

12. get back on track and continue to tackle the "other" location challenges.

roger that! over and out!

the fab four