quantum - the dream like all births...there is a lot of preparation required.  the birth of a dream is no exception.

i suppose conception of a dream is quite different than that of a tiny human.  you don't need two people for one!  ;)  but it's just as sexy!  in fact, you can have just one person...or many!  oh my!  in this dream's conception..there are four.  i like to call us the fab four.  like any superhero crew, we all have our individual superpowers to contribute!

our fab four are:

  • the geek - really you need one of these.  geek sounds so uncool...but they are the hipsters in the crowd and you should nab one if you find em!  their abilities are far greater than you can imagine and they move with unmatched speed to create crazy and wonderful tech things!
  • the mini-power - all small and beautiful and full of strengths beyond your wildest imagination.  a testament to "don't judge a book by it's cover."
  • the bionic boy - this is vital.   an unassuming frame full of drive and ideas.
  • the heart - the voice i suppose.  the one who may not have the physical strength and super-powers of the others, but instead the power of words.

separately we dreamed...together we are making it reality.

welcome to the world crossfit quantum.