The Quantum POWERLIFTING “Mighty Mitts” Grip challenge and BBQ!

(Facebook event link here)

If you enjoy strength and want to have fun and try something different come out on Sunday September 11 where the Quantum Powerlifting Club will be hosting a special event.

Entry is open to anyone, try some unconventional lifts, have some fun and enjoy some delicious BBQ afterwards.

The Powerlifting Club will also be in full effect for regular training.


The “Mighty Mitts” challenge begins at 2pm and will consist of three events:

Event One:
Fat handle DB lift for max weight. We will be using a 2.5” thick DB handle.

Event Two:
Max Deadlift with Fat Gripz. Any grip, hitching allowed. You just have to lock it out.

Event Three:
Two hand pinch grip lift for max weight.

All events will use an escalating weight format, we’ll add weight until no one can lift it!