2 Week Progress Update

Since writing my first post, I feel a strong sense of obligation to continue on this journey. It’s now out there, along with some very unflattering pictures, (face palm) that I want to improve my health and fitness. It’s now a commitment and I feel accountable. Thank you to everyone who read the post and has come up to me to offer support and encouragement.

I’m calling this piece my stream of consciousness post. It lacks formal structure but it highlights some moments of inspiration and feelings I’ve had over the past couple of weeks.

Going from size XL to size M marks steady progress.

Going from size XL to size M marks steady progress.

You never know how impactful your words can be to someone listening: After participating in a WOD where I was finished dead last, I shared feelings of embarrassment with Coach Darren and who told me “You don’t compare yourself to these guys; you compare yourself to everyone else who isn’t here doing the work.” I remind myself of this every workout.

“You may not see as much progress as you would like, but you are still making progress. Keep going.” Saw this on some fitness related meme and it’s become my motto.

I was saying goodbye to a co-worker after a long and busy day and she asked why I didn’t look happy to be going home. I explained it was because I had planned to go to the gym but just didn’t have the energy. Her response to me was to not even think about how tired I was feeling and to just put one foot in front of the other until I got my ass there. She warned me that she would ask me about it the next day. I did go and it was one of my best workouts.


Proud moments

L-sit hangs – first time I tried these I was using too much of the palm of my hand to hold myself up. A tip from Coach Alastair to use more of my fingers for grip has made a huge difference. I can freaking hang for at least 30 seconds now!

I’m in serious awe of everyone at the gym. You all inspire me. I really didn’t get the fist bumps in the beginning but now, getting them after a workout is a pretty cool feeling. RESPECT!

Personal tips to stay on track: Tell everyone what you’re doing. Everyone at work knows that I do Crossfit and that I’m trying to follow proper nutrition. I can’t put that out there and then eat poorly. Yeah, sure you work out and eat healthy, Gina – while I’m stuffing fries in my face. That just doesn’t fly. I’ve been sticking to a protein, from an animal for breakfast and filling up on protein and vegetables for lunch. I may have a small portion of carbs for dinner depending on what I’m already preparing for my ten-year-old daughter. I remember what Coach Peter says about aiming to eat healthy the majority of time. And his advice to set small goals by taking one week at a time and tightening up breakfast has resonated with me.


Final note

My coaches are doing their jobs in providing the training, support and encouragement I need – it’s up to me to stay committed and put in the work. Knowing they have faith in me gives me much reason to believe in myself.  I consistently tell my coaches that don’t think I can do the WOD.  And they just sort of grin and reply “No, you can do this one.” They have never agreed with me and that’s a good thing. 

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