Most often we talk about our clients:  success stories, ways to improve, helpful tips, or celebrating personal bests.

But, today I want to talk about one of our coaches. 

Coach Alastair has been with Team Quantum since 2012. 

He first got in touch with us to run a free power lifting seminar at the gym (tell us in the comments if you remember being there!). I'd never heard of him, but thought, what the hell? He lifts decent weights and it's free after all. 

Later on, we realized that we needed another coach. Alastair seemed right for the job. Leah was competing in powerlifting already, so getting more powerlifting experience on our staff was something we were excited about.

Alastair started off part-time, traveling all the way from Mississauga via GO and TTC to get to Quantum. Whoa!

While he was a budding expert in powerlifting even in 2012, back then his coaching eye wasn't as sharp for non-powerlifting movements. Fast forward to the present day and boy has that changed!

I'm probably his toughest critic (hey, it's my job - we expect a lot from our staff, and the bar always goes up), and I'd put him up there with any high level coach out there. I've seen him successfully coach and mentor so many different people now, it's a no-brainer. 

All this is nice, but what I want to say is this: especially over the last year, Alastair has stepped up his game even more.

The depth of his coaching practice has improved greatly because of his drive to continue to evolve.

He's worked extremely hard to put on top notch powerlifting competitions at Quantum (which many people remarked were the best run competitions they've been to), excellent powerlifting seminars, and to host a powerlifting club on Sundays (this used to be one of Al's days off). It's a lot of work, but it comes from a passion to grow the sport and share it with others.

And of course, his commitment to improving in the sport of powerlifting as an athlete is something our entire community takes pride and inspiration from. 

He's also involved in plenty of other things behind the scenes that our clients never see, but that help Quantum run smoothly. 

Plus, we've got some exciting ebooks and programs planned for 2016: including a full deadlifting manual (in addition to the squat and bench manuals that are already available), and an innovative system to progress for novice and intermediate lifters which will be available online and for free over the coming months. 

So, all to say, thanks for being a big part of Team Quantum. We, and all of our members, appreciate it.