From Coach Al:

Last week I traveled down to Baton Rouge Louisiana to compete in the WPC World Championships.

I had three athletes competing, Justin Zottl, Tori Goulart and Maureen B. Each of them did incredibly well, they all hit lifetime PRs and picked up some hardware in their respective classes.

Worlds is a week long meet, my athletes competed on Monday and Tuesday and then on Wednesday I had the chance to take the platform. I'm happy to say I had a great day and made 8 of my 9 attempts, having the best meet of my career.

On the squat I went 584, 623 and 644 for a competition personal best

On the bench press I made 396 and 408 but just missed my third at 413

On the deadlift I made 683, 727 and a third attempt of 755

I finished the day with an 1808 total, which is an all time best result. It was also good enough to win the men's 220 division and come third overall based on coefficient!

I want to give a big thank you to the Quantum community for being so supportive, also to our powerlifting team that went down to Baton Rouge. It was awesome to have such a tight knit and supportive group while we were there. And most of all to Allie who kept me calm during the days leading up to the meet and acted as my handler, staying on top of all the meet nonsense so I could just focus on lifting weights.