The All or Nothing Attitude

Yesterday (click here for that post) we talked about the #1 thing that separates people who are truly ready for MASSIVE change and those who should take a more gradual approach.

Today we're talking about another key to success, regardless of how much chance you're taking on. What is it? Avoiding an all or nothing attitude.

Usually, an all or nothing approach leads to nothing. Not everything.

Sure, you can stick to an extreme routine for a short period of time. If you've ever done a crash diet, juice cleanse, or a 30-day fitness challenge, you've experienced this before. The problem is that none of them were sustainable and they didn't set you up for success over the long-term.

But life happens. We all have bad days or our schedule gets out of control.

The problem is: if perfection was the measuring stick, as soon as one little thing turns our plan sideways, we feel like we're failing. Not always, but a lot of the time, when we feel like failures, we kick the dirt, pout and say "aw shucks, what's the point? I can't keep this up."

Then we get discouraged and give up on everything. 

Now you're back to where you started.

Instead, use a different standard. You don't have to be perfect. You just need to improve a little.

As yourself the question: am I doing better, same or worse than before? If the answer is better (even just a little better), then you're on the right trajectory. 

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