New Years is coming up and a lot of people are planning major changes in  their health, fitness and nutrition routines. 

Do you think you're really ready for a total overhaul of your fitness or nutrition? Is that the best way for you to be successful long-term? Maybe yes. Probably not. 

Most of the time massive change is very difficult to sustain and leads a lot of people to quit well before they've reached their ultimate goal.

Sure, we can all stay checked in for a 14-day "cleanse" (whatever that means?) or a 30-day nutrition challenge. But by day 31, we're back to our old habits. 

Most of the time, a gradual approach works best. It's not overwhelming and you don't have to worry about changing everything at once. In fact, this is the approach that we used with our amazing massage therapist Wendy when she first came to the gym many years ago.

She made steady progress and has maintained her results for years now! Way to go Wendy!

Sometimes though, a total overhaul can actually work very well. When does it work best? Should you try it?

The key is whether or not you've had a moment of realization that your current level of healthy and fitness (and the behaviours that have led you to this point) are no longer acceptable.

Not sort of OK where you give yourself a bit of a pass. I mean completely opposite to everything you value. You have to truly believe in your gut and in your soul that you have no other choice except massive change to turn your life around. 

Watch my mom's weight loss story and find out how this works in real life. She had such a moment of realization on the eve of her 50th birthday and her entire perspective shifted. 

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