Learn about the variety of options we have to help you get better.



Schedule an appointment and work directly with a coach every time. Ideal for beginners, those with specific goals/needs, or those who simply want the best money can buy.

  • Work privately with a coach each and every time you train to ensure perfect technique and tons of motivation.
  • Get a fully customized nutrition plan based on your goals.
  • Receive an individualized training program - adjusted weekly for fine-tuning - that's part of a long term plan to achieve your goals and keep you there.
  • Be accountable to your coach and your set appointments so you never miss a workouk or slack off.


This isn't your average CrossFit program. We include more individualization than any other CrossFit program in Toronto - we think of this as CrossFit 2.0. Train in a small group with 5-12 other people, always under the close supervision of one of our top coaches.

  • High energy and tons of fun! No egos here. You'll be with a group of other people who are here for the same thing - to better themselves and those around them.
  • Instead of doing the exact same routine as everyone else - whether it's the right fit or not - you'll receive individual adjustments so the CrossFit program truely fits your real needs.
  • We have over five streams of training within the program, so we can seamlessly ensure that you'll get the best fit.
  • Unlike most CrossFit gyms, our workouts aren't random. We'll push you to the limit when the time is right, but each workout has a purpose within a long-term plan, and we mix in easier and harder training days to enable proper recovery and better progress for the long-haul.
  • Don't be intimidated! Our mission is to set you up for success, not failure. We can work with any fitness level. By assessing your fitness level during your first free session, we'll recommend the absolute best way to achieve your goals.


Get most of the benefits of private training at a lower monthly price.

  • Work privately with your coach 1-4 times per month. The rest of the time you'll train in small groups - but always under the watchful eye of one of our coaching staff.
  • Get a fully customized nutrition plan based on your goals.
  • Receive an individualized training program - adjusted weekly for fine-tuning - that's part of a long term plan to achieve your goals and keep you there.


It doesn't matter if you can't train at Quantum regularly. You can still work with our world class coaching staff to perfect your technique and improve your results.

  • Meet with one of our coaches for 1-5 sessions to hone your skills, and then use that information to upgrade your regular gym and training routine.
  • Once we find out what you want to accomplish, we'll match you up with our best coach for the specific area you'd like to improve.
  • Leave your private technique session(s) with a detailed action plan (which will be emailed to you) outlining what to work on specifically so you can continue to make progrees on your own.
  • We use detailed video analysis so you can see exactly where your technique is off and what you need to fix. Then we'll email you the videos as a reference.
  • We can help when it comes to: back squat, front squat, overhead squat, deadlift, bench press, shoulder press, rowing variations, snatch, clean and jerk, chin-ups, push-ups, handstand push-ups, double unders, kettlebell swings, effective core training, running, and more. Just ask.


Two of the country's best powerlifters are on our coaching staff! If you want to get really strong, we know how to help.

More info here.
  • Start with one of our effective group training templates or get a 100% individualized training plan at an additional cost.
  • Learn how to perfect your squat, bench and deadlift positions from some of the most technical lifters in the game.
  • Whether or not you can train with us regularly, come to our team training sessions every Tuesday from 7:30-9:39om, and Sunday from 1-3pm. Free for members. $15 per session for non-members.


We work with kids from age 13 either with personal training or small group training.

  • All youth trainees receive a customized program that's suited to their level of physical development and specific goals, while keeping their long-term development at the forefront of their training.
  • As with everyone we work with, all youths start with a series of one-on-one training sessions to screen for potential areas of risk and to teach rigid adherence to perfect technique.


Stiff and tight? Can't seem to get lasting results? We can help with a customized mobility plan that works.

  • Get a thorough assessment to see what's holding you back.
  • We incorporate fascial stretch therapy, self-massage techniques, and other cutting edge mobility techniques into a personalized flexibility plan tailored to your needs.
  • Get a 4 week stretching program that you can do anywhere, with email support if you have any questions.
  • We can help with: tight hamstrings, calves, hip flexors, shoulders, necks and generally poor posture. We can also improve your mobility for your squat, overhead press, deadlifts, Olympic lifts, bench press, overhead squat, front squat, your wrist in push-ups, running, racket sports, and more.


It doesn't matter if you're starting fresh or you've tried a dozen diets that didn't stick. We can help. Get a nutrition plan that's tailored to your individual needs, goals and circumstances so you not only achieve your goals but maintain them.

  • Get a straightforward, customized plan that's easy to understand and follow.
  • Weekly or monthly (depending on your need) check-ins to keep you on track and measure progress.
  • We'll work with you to design a plan that you'll be 100% confident you can stick with for the long-term. Our mission is to do it right and help you sustain permanent, long-term change for the rest of your life.
  • Progress tracking with the latest technology - including highly accurate tools to measure body-fat percentage - so we always know how you're doing and we can respond accordingly with whatever fine-tuning is necessary.