Therapeutic massage can help work out the kinds and improve recovery between sessions. Our resident registered massage therapist Wendy Jans will be able to find the areas where your tissue quality is suffering and apply the appropriate technique to improve function and help you feel better.

Wendy isn't just a massage therapist. She also trains hard week in and week out, so she knows what your body is going through. In fact, she's been instrumental in the success of some of our top performing athletes who can now train harder and more often with the aid of proper massage! 


30mins - $55, or package of 4 for $200 (save $20)
45mins - $70, or package of 4 for $250 (save $30)
60mins - $85, or package of 4 for $300 (save $40)
90mins - $120, or package of 4 for $420 (save $60)

Mobility Training

Do you feel stiff, sore and that you're loosing the supple, effortless movement you had as a child?  Do you play a sport or workout but you're just too stiff to get into the positions you need to (i.e. can't overhead squat because you're too inflexible)?

Don't allow yourself to keep slipping. We can help you feel better and improve your performance.

We guarantee that you will dramatically improve your flexibility in just one hour. If you don't experience serious change, ask us for a refund. 

We'll also work with you to develop a totally customized mobility and movement program for you to do on your own.


1x60min session - $125
5x60min sessions - $500

This is nothing like traditional stretching. We combine the world renown techniques of Fascial Stretch Therapy (TM) with our own unique system of self massage, stretching and muscle activation drills to provide you with the something incredible.

Take one hour and experience it for yourself. 



Nutrition Coaching

Exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand for optimal health. At Quantum CrossFit we've got you covered with what we belief to be the most effect and efficient training program. However, top performance and overall long-term health need to include proper nutrition.

All Quantum members receive nutrition coaching. If you're only looking for nutrition coaching and you don't need any help on fitness training for the moment, we can still work together.

We'll help you dial in your nutrition based on your unique starting point, goals and how your body responds to a variety of foods.



100% Grass Fed Beef

You heard that right. We've formed a partnership with a local cattle farm called Phoenix and Arnold to bring you delicious 100% grass fed beef at a cheap price and at a convenient location (right in the freezer at our gym). 

Leaving after your workout and don't have anything to make for dinner? We've got you covered!

Cows are meant to eat grass. Compared with feedlot beef that eats mainly corn, grass-fed beef has a very healthy fat profile. Do you usually cut-off the extra fat from your steak? No need with grass fed beef. This fat is very healthy. Plus the meat has more vitamin E, beta carotene, vitamin C, Omega 3 fatty acids, and conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) which is an anti-carcinogen.

Grass-fed beef also tastes better!