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  • Learn our 4-step system to teach each of the major lifts.
  • Get a program that schedules time for technique practice so you develop the right habits the first time around.
  • Receive a step-by-step sequence for your first 18 workouts (approx 6 weeks of training). Each workout builds on the ones that came before so you master the basics and perfect your technique.
  • After your first 18 workouts, transition seamlessly into the Quantum Linear Progression, which adds important elements that are missing in every other popular beginner lifting template. 


Introduction     Workouts 1-5     Workouts 6-10     Workouts 11-18     Phase 2: Quantum Linear Progression



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The absolute best, most effective plan is to work with a knowledgeable coach in person to teach proper technique and develop an individual plan tailored to your needs. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t an option for many people. 

There are a lot of training plans out there, why start with this one?

While many of these other plans are very good and many lifters get results from them there are several factors that most of them fail to address, we’ve put effort into addressing these issues and we feel that if you’re just learning to lift this plan will give you the shortest path to mastering lifting technique and the best results.

The major issues we see with most other plans include:

  1. Failure to address prerequisite movements. While it’s all well and good to put down an exercise with a set and rep scheme attached to it, the reality is that many lifters lack the foundational skills needed to perform certain multi-joint compound movements properly. For example, a lifter may have a coordination issue or mobility restriction.  No matter how effective a movement like a deadlift might be, if the trainee is unable to execute it with good technique, at best they are seriously blunting the positive training effects and at worst are setting themselves up for an injury. With this plan we’ve ensured that before you perform the primary movements you assess your readiness with the necessary prerequisites to ensure you’ll get the most benefit out of the movements and stay as safe as possible.
  2. Failure to include movement specific warm-ups. Most training plans don’t tell you how to warm up. Certain exercises, like the squat, require mobility at specific joints where a lot of people are tight. While this may not necessarily be you, chances are your mobility isn’t perfect and may be a limiting factor on at least some of the exercises you do. We’ve taken care to include different warm-up drills specific to the movements being trained that day that target the most common limitations.
  3. Failure to accommodate for common technical errors. While no two lifters are identical, there are common issues that most trainees have when starting out. For example, many lifters have an issue with falling forward in the squat or lack of control on the descent during the bench press. In a perfect world you’d always have a trained coach watching every set you do, giving you technique corrections as needed. Unfortunately that goes beyond the scope of a program like this so we’ve done the next best thing. We’ve included specific assistance movements that target the most common flaws in lifting technique. These movements will force you to correct those issues and should speed up the learning curve, thus leading to faster mastery of the lifts.


  • each session should start with a general warm-up of 2-3min of biking, rowing, skipping or something similar before moving into the targeted warm-up for the day.
  • on the foundation workouts spend 5-10min ensuring you’ve mastered the prerequisites before moving into the lifting portion.
  • workouts should be done 2-4x/wk, ideally 3. Therefore this workout series should take about 6 weeks to complete.
  • the first workout for each new movement is a “foundations” workout. These movements are technical and it’s important that you dedicate enough time and energy to mastering them early so you can reap the benefits later on. During the foundations workouts you’re only going to focus on a single lift to be as specialized as possible.
  • the weights you use in the foundations workouts should be relatively easy. The main goal is to ensure you’re comfortable and competent with the lifts first before loading them up. Don’t worry, this workout series is progressive and you will move some heavy weights by the end!


Training is a long process, more like a marathon than a sprint. The key to success is consistency. If you can show up every week and put in your best effort, over time little improvements will build into some truly astonishing progress. The 3 keys to success with this (or any training plan) are: 

  1. Be consistent! Get to the gym every 2-4x/wk every week.

  2. Leave your ego at home! Start light and build progress over time, start with light weights, develop the proper technique and build from there.

  3. Remember it’s about the long haul. If you have to miss a few training sessions due to life, or have a few bad workouts it’s not the end of the world. Make sure you do the best you can, as often as you can and the good habits will add up over time. Trust the process.

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