Elevate your training experience

At Quantum, we train smarter and we call it CrossFit 2.0. Instead of you doing the same routine as everyone else, we bring individualization to your training and nutrition plan at no extra cost in order to keep you safe and so everything you do has a specific purpose connected to your long-term goals.

How we train

At Quantum, the best part of our job is when you succeed beyond your wildest expectations.

We truly care about you and no one gets lost in the crowd. Our average coach to staff ratio is 1:5 and we know everyone’s name and fitness goals.

When you join us, our entire coaching staff – including two national record holders – promises to give you the same detailed coaching, carefully devised training programs, motivating environment, and nutrition advice usually reserved for only the world’s best athletes. We also design our program for the long haul so the changes you see are permanent and sustainable.

All you need to do is show up and follow the plan. We’ll have everything you need and more put in place so you can start demolishing your goals right away.

You’ll be happy with your progress in the first few months, and you’ll still be improving a year and five years from now.

  • What we specialize in:
  • 1) Helping people with limited time for fitness, feel amazing and become incredibly fit.
  • 2) Helping youth (as young as 13) and adult athletes build the base of strength, speed and fitness that they need to succeed at the highest levels of competitive sport.

We work with both local clients at our Midtown Toronto training centre and distance clients via Skype, email and video analysis. So no matter where you are, we are ready to help you take your training to the next level.